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Automatic Lubrication Solutions  

Grease and Oil single / multi point autonomous lubricators.

The Pulsarlube® range of innovative Automatic Single / Multi Point Lubricators, accessories and Desiccant Breathers provide a comprehensive assortment of solutions for localised autonomous lubrication. These solutions are backed by years of research and development, utilising patented cutting edge microprocessor technology.
Pulsarlube® offers a wide range of superior products to meet the needs customers.

Electro chemical single point lubricators

Pulsarlube V (Grease)

Pulsarlube E (Grease)

Pulsarlube EO (Oil)

  • Pulsarlube V: Automatic grease lubricator that uses an electrochemical reaction to generate nitrogen for lubrication.
    • Easy to program with microprocessor and LCD display.
    • Single-use, suitable for various industrial applications.
    • Intrinsically safe for hazardous areas (ATEX, UL, MSHA certified).
  • Pulsarlube E: Cost-effective single point lubricator with similar technology to Pulsarlube V.
    • Intuitive selection method for setting dispense rate.
    • Available pre-filled with various greases and oils for different applications.
  • Pulsarlube EO: Oil lubricant version with a non-return valve for flow control.


  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 oC to + 55 oC
  • Propellant type: Nitrogen
  • Environmental Protection Rating: IP 68
  • Maximum connection distance: 1 m
  • Grease viscosity: NLGI 1-2

Electro mechanical: single & multi point lubricators

This electro-mechanical range of lubricators are a vertical self-priming pump, microprocessor control system, and large LCD display that are generally designed for autonomous / semi autonomous operation. The different have types include battery & externally powered designs. They can be operated by the onboard processor for external input.

The devices usage a prefilled lubricant bellows pouch to ensure the correct lubricant is supplied and can be replaced for continued use with a service pack. This product is ideal for applications where: higher back pressure in lube line exists, a precise lubrication is required.

Pulsarlube Types: M, MI, OL, MS / MSP, PLC and , EXPL


  • Onboard Micro Processor controlled, Motor Driven, Reciprocating Mechanical Pumps.
  • Featuring: Interval run and Dwell timer control, PLC signal activation, Vibrations sensing On / Off and Bluetooth App remote control options.
  • Onboard battery and externally powered options.
  • Maximum number of connection points: 8 (with appropriate valve block).
  • Reservoir Capacities: 60, 125, 250, 500 ml
  • Operating Pressure: Max 60 Bar
  • Operating Temperature Range: -15°C ~ 60°C, and -40°C ~ 60°C option.
  • Refill & Service Pack options.
  • Environmental Protection Rating: IP 54 and IP 65 option
  • Recommended maximum connection distance: 6 m
  • Grease viscosity: NLGI 1-2

Pump to Point accessories

Whilst Single & Multi-Point Lubricators can be mounted directly, it is sometime necessary to mount adjacent / remotely away from the equipment. Frequently used installation parts that are necessary to install Pulsarlube lubricators / oilers are packaged in a single assembly kit for your convenience. The kits are designed to meet all relevant standards.

The range is supported with a comprehensive assortment of Accessories:

  • Valve manifolds
  • Fittings
  • Tubing / hose
  • Mounting brackets
  • Brush applicators
  • Mounting Accessories.

Need help with your Pulsarlub system?

At Adams Lubetech we are experts in Grease and Oil lubrication equipment and systems including Abnox, Graco, Intza and Pulsarlube solutions.

Adams Lubetech is a major distributor of the USA manufactured Pulsarlube range of lubrication pumps, grease dispensing equipment and grease guns. We are also a distributor for Abnox, Jaco, Manzel, Graco, Trabon, Lionoil, TTV, Codaitec, Botti, B Systems and Technolube products.

Whatever your specialised lubrication requirement is, Adams Lubetech is capable of providing you with the solution and supplying you with the right product. The Company has been registered to the Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001 since 1993.

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