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About Us

Lubrication equipment specialists
based in the UK

From our location in Central England we are fully equipped
to offer a fast response to our customers around the world.

Adams Lubetech – a member of the Lion Group companies specify, and supply lubrication devices, equipment including bespoke systems designed to provide control over the delivery of lubricants used within all types of manufacturing plant and machinery.

Controlled lubrication for:
Reduced lubricant consumption
Improved equipment efficiency and reliability
Greater machine up time and asset availability
Automatic lubrication systems reduce the risk of human error where a manual lubrication strategy is often less reliable.

Lubrication is used to reduce friction in machinery in a wide range of applications and conditions. The controlled delivery of lubricant in between moving surfaces, decreases power consumption, reduces heat and wear that inevitably leads to premature failure.

Automatic lubrication systems deliver the right lubricant, at the right time, to the right point in the right quantity.

A word from our MD

At Adams Lubetech our aim is to provide you with an excellent level of service you won’t find anywhere else.

Our knowledge and experience of lubrication systems and their applications is second to none and we have built up a strong reputation over many years working in different industries.

The team at Adams Lubetech are all highly skilled and motivated and I take great pride in saying they will offer you an exemplary experience from original quote to product installation.

The future at Adams Lubetech holds many exciting new product developments and we are continually looking at fresh technologies including AI and machine learning applications. I am confident that by working with Adams Lubetech you will be working with a trusted and reliable partner.

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Adams Lubetech are represented in over 35 areas worldwide.

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