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Specialised lubrication equipment
manufacturer and distributor

Experts in lubrication systems and centralised lubrication components serving a range of industries around the UK and Globally

We are specialists in lubrication systems and equipment including constant level oilers, drip feed oilers (with reservoir, dispensing valve), spring greasers and cups, single point lubricators, dual line lubrication systems and positive displacement injectors.

We also supply single line resistance (SLR), meter units and PDI systems, as well as many accessories including grease nipples, tubing, oil hole covers, grease guns, oilcans, funnels and brush applicators.

Lubricators and Oilers

Centralised Lubrication

Custom lubrication solutions

If you require a custom lubrication solution for your business then our team of experts will help you with all of your requirements from start to finish.


Expertise Solutions

With decades of experience we are a market leading company in the centralised lubrication and oiler industries.

Worldwide Distributors

We operate globally through a network of distributors across 4 continents continents.

We’re a member of the Lion Group of companies

International Supply

Adams Lubetech have been exporting Globally for over 20 years. We supply goods to all continents in support of our Customer, Distributors and End Users.

We are represented by our sister LION Group of companies: Antwerp Lion Oil works NV – Belgium, Codaitec – France, Techno Trans Vertriebs (TTV) GmbH – Germany and a global network of Distributors.

If you have any queries please email info@adamslube.com for support.

Experts in specialised lubrication systems

As global distributors of lubrication systems Adams Lubetech can help you source key products for your specialised machinery and products.

Adams Lubetech is a major distributor of the Swiss manufactured Abnox range of lubrication pumps, grease dispensing equipment and grease guns. We are also a distributor for Jaco, Manzel, Graco, Trabon, Lionoil, TTV, Codaitec, Botti, B Systems and Technolube products.

Whatever your specialised lubrication requirement is, Adams Lubetech is capable of providing you with the solution and supplying you with the right product. The Company has been registered to the Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001 since 1993.

Find your local distributor

Adams Lubetech are represented in over 35 areas worldwide.

By contacting your local distributor you will get the best price and service from a local partner who understands your needs best.