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Lubrication Systems

Looking for a Manual or Automated Lubrication System for your application?

Adams Lubetech provides a diverse range of lubrication equipment, devices and systems.

Our scope of supply covers single point lubrication, manually pumped and or fully automated lubrication systems. Real world systems reliably, deliver the right lubricant in the right quantity, to the right spot at the right time. These systems can be scaled to more than 1500 lubrication connected points.

Lubrication System are proven to reduce maintenance interventions, improve plant reliability, asset availability / life and enhance plant ‘Overall Equipment Effectiveness’ (OEE).

Automatic Lubrication systems reduces risk to personnel associated carrying out manual lubrication routines where accessing difficult locations can be hazardous, time consuming and may be missed. The tendency with manual routines is to mostly over lubricate leading to waste, high consumption or even under lubricate risking premature failue. Manual lubrication also carries the risk of introducing contamination or the using the wrong lubricant.

Adams is a manufacturer of lubrication devices, level indicators and works with other world class manufacturers to provide modular lubrication solutions for use in engineering production facilities and equipment. LION Group of companies have a vast combined knowledge of lubricating systems, lubricants and can offer tailor-made solutions so you remain one step ahead of the competition.

Industries served: Automotive Production, Chain / Transfer Line Conveyors, Elevators, Escalators and Food & Beverage, Fixed and Mobile Construction Machinery, cement kilns. furnaces, Machine Tools and Plastic Moulding equipment, Petrochemical / Plastics production and reciprocating processing Compressors, waste treatment plants, Lubrication Spray applications and other general plant.

Our Partners

Automatic Oil and Grease Lubrication Distribution Systems

Automated pumps and reservoir solution

  • Electrically / Electronically controlled Lubrication Pumps.
  • Motorised Gear Pumps
  • Pneumatic operated, Volumetric Grease, Oil pumps
  • Air Oil / Minimum Quantity Lubrications Pump solutions
  • Manually Operated Pumps with reservoir.

Controlled lubricant delivery

  • Progressive divider: metered volume valve devices and function indicators.
  • Single and Dual line metered volume valve and injector systems
  • Gear and Chain lubrication solutions
  • Drip feed and spray application solutions
  • Standalone Intelligent and Semi Intelligent Single Point Lubricators
  • Bespoke Skid Mounted Lubrication Units designed with installation support


  • Ancillary control components, non-return valves, indicators, switches, filters…
  • Applicator including, Nozzles, Brushes, wipers
  • Lubricant Reservoirs
  • Humidity Control Desiccant Breathers
  • Manual and Intelligent Grease guns
  • Grease Nipples, Fittings and Pipes

Need help with your Lubrication System?

At Adams Lubetech we are experts in Grease and Oil lubrication equipment and systems including Abnox, Graco, Intza and Pulsarlube solutions.

Adams Lubetech is a major distributor for companies such as Abnox, Jaco, Manzel, Graco, Trabon, Lionoil, TTV, Codaitec, Botti, B Systems, Intza, Pulsarlube and Technolube products.

Whatever your specialised lubrication requirement is, Adams Lubetech is capable of providing you with the solution and supplying you with the right product. The Company has been registered to the Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001 since 1993.

Find your local distributor

Adams Lubetech are represented in over 35 areas worldwide.

By contacting your local distributor you will get the best price and service from a local partner who understands your needs best.