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New product releases for Graco

We are pleased to confirm Graco have been actively developing new products to enhance and improve their product lines.

PM Series Electronic Meters

This product is a durable, controllable, accurate fluid meter device. The meter are IP69K rated with a metal enclosure making them very robust.

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LDX Hose Reel

This is the latest range of simplified factory / workshop hose reel solutions. The reel have an all metal construction to ensure they are rugged and withstand a challenges of a working environment. The construction including quality bearings and spring mechanism for smooth release extension and rewind.

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Electric Gear Pumps

This range of Electric Oil pumps are design to transfer fluids from fix or roll around oil drums and offer reliable operations for many years in tough environments. They are available in 12 Volt DC and 115 Volt AC options.

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Pulse Level

This product is an intuitive tank-level monitoring solution. Choose from multiple tank level monitoring technologies, including the first wi-fi system. Track tank levels, capture and apply data and assign distribution routes accurately and confidently.

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If you are looking for any support or advice regarding any Graco products please contact your local Adamslube distributor in your region.

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