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Mini Lubrication Pumps from Graco

The G-Mini Compact Lubrication Pump was unveiled last year by Graco who specialise in industrial, vehicle service and heavy equipment maintenance applications.

These lubrications pumps automate maintenance tasks to improve machine reliability. This range of pumps are designed for Grease NLGI 000 to #2, rated to IP69K, robust, compact and ideal for smaller machines or those in more harsh environments where reliability is needed.

The G-Mini Pumps is available in a number of configurations in 2 sizes from 0.5l to 1l reservoir.

The pumps are available with a built in controller or without for operation by remote PLC and operate from 12 and 24 VDC power source.

The design incorporates a unique combination of follower plate and stir paddle to combat oil separation ensuring the pump element ‘loading chamber’ is always full.

Graco have over 100 years experience with industrial fluid management devices and provide a great deal of additional services and technology to a variety of sectors.

If you are interested in the G-Mini Compact Pump for your machine lubrication then Adams Lubetech, Coventry, are an official Graco distributor in the UK and we would be happy to assist you further.

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