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George Adams founded Adams LubeTech Limited Company in 1942 who recognised a supply shortage for lubrication equipment in the local machine tool industry. Renamed Adams LubeTech Limited in 1999 the Company moved to its present modern factory in 2000. Today Adams has an unrivalled reputation as a manufacturer of single point, “Lubricators and Oilers‟, and currently exports approximately 55% of its annual turnover to over 40 countries throughout the world.

The Company has been registered to the quality management system ISO9001 since August 1993.

The “Lubricators and Oilers‟ product range comprises:-

  • Drip Feed Lubricators – “Economic Localised Lubrication” Simple gravity and forced feed oilers for lubricating single and multiple points these are used on all types of machinery, that have points requiring a supply of oil. Also used to lubricate conveyor chains in conjunction with brushes. Reservoirs are available in Plexiglas or glass and range in capacity from 14 ml to 3 litres. Solenoid operation and timers are optional. Ideal for localised lubrication.
  • Oil Levels and Windows – “Keeping an Eye on the Oil Level” These units are used in industry to visually check the fluid level within a reservoir or gearbox on machines and pumps.
  • Vertical and angled oil level gauges are available in brass. Threaded oil windows are available in various materials and the “drive-in” type is steel with a plastic window.
  • Spring Greasers and Cups -“Substitute for Grease Nipples” Used to provide a supply of grease, to machine tools, vehicle tail lifts pumps and motors.Spring operated greasers are most useful in areas where it is difficult to access or where constant pressure is required. They are an ideal replacement for conventional grease nipples as they give extended lubrication cycles between refilling and do not require constant attention.
  • Constant Level Oilers – “Night and Day Lubrication” Widely used in the chemical and process industries these give visual confirmation at all times of the correct oil level inside the bearing housing of pumps. Steel or zinc die cast bodies are available with BSP or NPT threads. The reservoirs are either glass or plastic with capacities between 85 ml and 500 ml. By simply seeing fluid in the reservoir you know that the oil level is correct.
  • Oil Hole Covers and Cups Devices for delivering oil to a specific location on all types of equipment ranging from manufacturing equipment to lawnmowers.
  • Spring lid cups with drive in or threaded fixings are suitable for transferring oil into larger bearings or can be used as oil reservoir filler cups.
  • Ball valve oilers are ideal for use on small electric motors and appliances.
  • Grease Nipples Steel and stainless steel grease nipples with metric and imperial threads. Straight, angled and various other head types are available.
  • Centralised Lubrication System Adams offer a comprehensive range of centralised lubrication systems that encompasses supply, design installation and maintenance. Adams have designed and installed systems for a vast number of applications covering most industrial sectors.

We are UK agents for Graco centralised lubrication equipment, Abnox dispensing equipment as well as offering our own range of pumps and dispensers. Other Products To complement the above products a range of grease fittings and accessories, grease guns, oilcans and funnels are also available.

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