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Manual Pumps

Manual Pumps – Operation of Manual Pump

This system may be used with an average grade of light to medium lubrication oil only.

To operate the pump, pull handle slowly to its fullest extent and release.

The pump spring returns the plunger, forcing oil through the distributors and metering valves to the bearings.

The pump handle must be allowed to return normally to the static position, any force will result in damage to the system.

Adams metering valves use capillary elements to control the oil flow.

When the pump is operated, pressure is built up in the main lubrication line. The oil passes though distributors and is passed though the metering valves to the lubrication points. The pressure generated in the average layout is approximately 3.5 bar at the pump outlet. The pressure varies according to the number of metering valves used in the system.

*Measurement with Handle/Lever at full extent

In all cases the outlet connection is seated for 4mm tube – Use LV 90443 Tube Nut and LV 90540 Sleeve.


Capacity either 0.4 litres or 1.2 litres and made of shock-resistant thermoplastic material.


Operating pressure is determined by the thrust of the counter-spring and can be anything between 3.5 and 1.5 bar.


Any lubricant can be used which has a viscosity of between 15 and 100 cSt at 40°C

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Manual Pumps

Operation of Manual Pump
* Measurement with Handle/Lever at full extent


Part No. Delivery Per Stroke ccm Reservoir Capacity Lt A B C D
LV10224A 7 70 40 211
LV63158 6 0.4 78 142 38
LV62802 3 To 9 1.2 124 105 168 98
LV63159 155*
LV63170 6 To 18 105
LV63160 155*

* As part of its development the company reserves the right to modify any product or specification without prior notice.