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Direct Metering Valves & Heads

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Direct Metering Valve Heads

Adamslube are one of the premier Direct Metering Valve distributors in the UK and worldwide. If you are looking for oilers, lubricators and centralised lubrication systems, or Direct Metering Valve distributors for use in industrial applications please contact us today. We have distributors in over 35 locations worldwide and can assist you with all of your oiling and lubrication needs for industry.


Supplied Complete with Nuts & Sleeves


Part No. Type A B a/f C D E
LV10450 i 15 12 4mm Ø tube M8 x 1 1/8 BSP
LV10451 v 20 13
LV10452 vii 28
LV10453 i 16 6mm Ø tube M10 x 1
LV10454 v 20
LV10455 ii
LV10456 vi
LV10457 vii 28
LV10458 iii 21
LV10459 iv 28
LV10460 viii
LV10480 i 23 17 4mm Ø tube M8 x 1 1/4 BSP
LV10481 6mm Ø tube M10 x 1
LV92888 16 11 4mm Ø tube 5/16 UNF M9 x 1
LV92890 v 20 12.5
LV92891 vii 28
LV92889 vi 20
LV92892 ii
LV92895 iii
LV92894 iv 28
LV92896 viii


Direct Metering Valves

For Precise Amounts of Lubricant


Part No. Output/Stroke cc Operating Pressure A B a/f C Taper D Taper
LV50785 0.02 22-28 bar 32 12 1/8
LV50786 0.05
LV50787 0.10
LV50788 0.15
LV52920 0.20
LV50789 0.30 40
LV52950 0.50
LV51144 0.40 22-28 bar 44 17 1/8 BSP 1/4 BSP
LV51145 0.70
LV51146 1.00 51

* As part of its development the company reserves the right to modify any product or specification without prior notice.