Centralized Lubrication 

Centralized Lubrication 

Adams Lubetech has a leading reputation in the field of centralized lubrication equipment for use on Industrial machines. We specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of centralized lubrication systems in accordance with ISO 5170. 

Bearing Lubrication  VIEW CATALOGUE ▸  

Known as the MIXAIR 2 system this has been developed to lubricate high speed roller bearings typically found on spindles and electrospindles, by using an air/oil mixture. This can also be referred to as microlubrication. 

Continuous  VIEW CATALOGUE ▸  

Continuous oil lubrication systems can employ various mechanical or electrically operated pumps to give a relatively low pressure but constant flow of lubricant to bearing journals, slideways or gears in any self-contained piece of machinery. Regulation of oil flow is achieved either by needle valves, fixed flow control units or divider blocks. 

Radial Pump  VIEW CATALOGUE ▸  

The Multi-Outlet Radial Pump is traditionally used for slow moving heavily loaded bearings. Widely used on Rolling Mills, Dockside Cranes, Water Treatment Plant. etc. 


Dual-line lubrication systems are normally used to provide measured quantities of grease to heavy duty plant and machinery. The installation can use smaller bore tubing to cover longer distances than is the case with single line systems. Grease up to Grade 3 (NLGI) may be used. 

Accessories  VIEW CATALOGUE ▸  

A wide range of tubing, hoses, connectors, rotating joints and adaptors, swivels, nipples, bushings and tubing clips etc is available. Most Lubrication Systems now use metric tubing in sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm. All Tubing used must be compatible with the type of system it is intended for, i.e. pressure, temperature and type of lubricant must be considered. 

Volumetric  VIEW CATALOGUE ▸  

Volumetric systems are mainly used for bearing and slideway lubrication on machine tools, this is a positive displacement system delivering specific amounts of lubricant to the required points. Two types of metering valves are available: the Direct type which operate on full line pressure and the Indirect type which are incorporated into special manifolds and are operated by spring pressure as the main line pressure decays. The former gives a rapid full pressure response, whilst the latter gives a slower output. 

Proportional  VIEW CATALOGUE ▸  

Proportional lubrication equipment has been developed for use on machinery installations where a comparatively small number of points are to be lubricated using light to medium oils at low pressure. The oil is distributed on a purely proportional basis with the amount delivered to each lubrication point depending on the pump output and the flow rate from the restrictor selected. There are two types of flow restrictors valves available. METERING, with non return valve for use with cyclic total loss systems, and CONTROL for use on continuous systems. 

Progressive  VIEW CATALOGUE ▸  

Progressive systems can be used for oil or grease lubrication when it is required to provide a positive displacement with visual or electrical monitoring. All outlets can be checked by one indicator rod or electrical switch. A range of automatic control timers and monitors are available. 

Spray Lubrication  VIEW CATALOGUE ▸  

Spray lubrication is a means of lubricating moving machine parts using atomised oil or grease. A stream of compressed air delivers a metered quantity of the required lubricant to the point of application. Atomisation of the lubricant is obtained through a range of spraying devices, fitted with wide or narrow jet nozzles. 

Technical Information  VIEW CATALOGUE ▸  

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